Welcome to GeoSpark. GeoSpark docs provide you a deeper understanding of our integrated solution for Location tracking, intelligence and analytics.

GeoSpark SDKs enable location tracking with 90% increased efficiency in terms of power consumption which means by using GeoSpark's technology you can build location tracking apps with 90% less battery drain.

GeoSpark SDKs use highly sophisticated algorithms that are engineered to get accurate & optimized location updates which reduces battery usage and also get you the correct visualization of routes taken by users.


SDKs let you to track user's locations continuously, and is the basic building block of the product. Our SDKs can track users location, even when they are offline, and can send information once the user gets connected. Our Always ON feature enables you to track users at all times, even when the app is in background or terminated state. Have a look at our Android and iOS SDK documentations.


Our APIs let you create/update new users, projects, and will also let you retrieve information easily.


We bring you an intuitive dashboard where you can visualize user trip routes, get location and device information and insights based on locations such as Heat map, Histogram and much more.