Countly Integration

Now, users can leverage the power of location intelligence by GeoSpark and Countly’s analytics platform. That’s truly best of both worlds.

To sync all your geolocation (geofences as we call it) from Countly’s platform to GeoSpark’s dashboard can be done in minutes:

  • Select the project for which you want to integrate the countly for. (By default it’ll be enabled for all project of an account)

  • Open project settings, Click on Integration.

  • Update details from Countly

    • endpoint (Ex:

    • app_id (Get it from Countly)

    • api_Key (Belonging to the above app_id)

  • Enable toggle button and save. Click on Sync button to sync immediately. We’ll automatically be syncing your data on periodic basis.

After successful sync, you should be able to see geolocations/geofences from Countly in GeoSpark’s dashboard with countly’s icon next to it.

Countly integration is only available for our enterprise customers. Please reach out to support to enable it for your account.

Send GeoSpark Events to Countly (Coming soon..)

Whenever geofence, trips and geofence events are generated, GeoSpark will send events data to Countly. The full list of supported events will be updated soon.